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DYNELLO Rewinder II 

Hand-held and electric strap winder. Roll-up a ratchet strap in 8 seconds and charge it while on the road with the accompanying 12/24V DC car charger. A professional strap winder that is easy on your wrists.


  • 8 seconds per strap
  • Up to 300 straps per battery charge
  • Electric and portable
  • Charge while on the road



Dynello Rewinder II is a handheld electric strap winder and the latest model in the Rewinder series now with more torque!

This electric strap winder is specially designed for the professional truckdriver, who uses ratchet straps daily and want the straps rolled up quickly and the 'right way'.

Dynello Rewinder II can roll-up a ratchet strap in less than 10 seconds and up to 300 straps on a single charge with the efficient lithium-ion battery. This is equivalent to 1-2 weeks of battery life with daily use!

The electric strap winder can easily rewind wet, worn, dirty and lightly frozen straps. Anything you can roll up with your hands, this strap winder can do and a lot more!

Dynello Rewinder II is designed for European Standard ratchet straps with a maximum width of 50mm (5 tons straps). Charge the tool with charger 230V AC and car charger 12/24V DC, both included.

Dynello Rewinder II is CE certified.


Please note! The charger 230V AC is a EU 2-pin or "Europlug" compatible with socket types C, E, F, K, H, N, L, SN 441011 and J. It is not compatible with UK plugs (Type G) and you will need an adapter, which is not supplied. For most users the automobile auxiliary power outlet (CLR) will be sufficient for daily use on the road.


Art. no.: RS0102



1 x Dynello Rewinder II
1 x Battery 12V 1.3Ah Li-ion
1 x Charger 230V AC
1 x Car charger 12/24V DC
1 x Dynello 1Clip (sample)
1 x User manual