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Dynello 1Clip 8-pack

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Dynello 1Clip

Easily store your winded lashing straps with world's most simple, easy-to-use and durable solution. No more cable ties, velcro bands or storage boxes. Just smack a 1Clip on your ratchet strap.



  • Fits 35mm to 50mm strap-widths
  • Most simple storage of straps
  • Prevents tangled straps
  • Hang and store strap in hook


Organise your ratchet straps with Dynello 1Clip. The mess of tangled straps is both frustrating and time-consuming to untangle. Dynello 1Clip is the solution to these problems.

The smart clip secures easily and safely your winded straps. Dynello 1Clip makes it easy to have a nice and tidy order of your winded ratchet straps – avoid having straps lying all over and like a big pile of spagetti!

Storage of ratchet straps has never been easier.

The practical design of the clip makes it easy to mount. Unlike cable ties the Dynello 1Clip can be re-used again and again.

Dynello 1Clip is made of durable, weather resistant polymer and has a much longer life span than ratchet straps.

Art. no.: RS0201-8



8 x Dynello 1Clip