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DYNELLO Accu Winder

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DYNELLO Accu Winder

Strap winder for your drill in lasercut stainless steel and CNC precision machined aluminum. Enjoy an effortless strap winding in a few seconds. Demands nearly no maintenance and fits every drill capable to fit a Ø10mm shaft.

The perfect companion for those who use lashing straps periodically and have a drill.



  • 7 seconds rewind per strap
  • Fits almost every drill chuck (Ø10mm)
  • High quality for long lasting performance



Dynello Accu Winder converts any cordless drill into a strap winder.

The shaft is Ø10mm and fits most drill chucks. Use the strap winder tool for ratchet straps, roundslings, slings and tie downs – wet or dry.

You control the speed. Roll-up your straps as fast as 7 seconds per strap. An investment that is quickly earned in saved time!



You can squeeze moisture out of straps by turning up the torque on your drill. That way your straps will dry faster, after use in wet conditions.


Art. no.: RS0301



1 x Dynello Accu Winder
1 x Dynello 1Clip
1 x Usermanual

Drill not included.