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2-pack lashing strap ERGOLASH®

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ERGOLASH® lashing strap 2-pack

5 t / 50 mm / 9,5 m

ERGOLASH® lashing straps are 9,5 m long straps in a luminous green color that makes the strap easy to see and recognize.

Our lashing straps are made of high quality webbing for longer lasting lashings, that can be used again and again.

Combine it with our patented ratchet for minimum 35 % faster lashings and even more durability, due to less wear from pulling the whole length of the strap through the ratchet over and over. That way you can forego frayed strap-ends.


Name ERGOLASH® lashing strap
DIN Standard DS / EN 12195-2
Load Capacity (LC) 2500 daN / 5620 lbf
Strap material
100 % polyester
Strap elongation <7 % at LC
Restrictions Lashing only
Certifications TÜV/GS