Save time and money lashing with ERGOLASH®

In the cargo industry, time is money.

ERGOLASH® allows for easy, safe, and quick lashing.

Compared to traditional lashing methods, ERGOLASH® provide a minimum of 35 % time saved on mounting and a further 25 % time saving on disassembly. Every time.

Safe and efficient

When it comes to safety and efficiency, there are obvious drawbacks to the existing equipment. Inserting the webbing into the ratchet is traditionally a time-consuming process, where mounting the lashes the wrong way around can easily double the time spent. This is easily avoided using ERGOLASH®.

We started developing ERGOLASH® back in 2016 and have turned it into the robust solution you see here today. It outperforms oldschool ratchets on all parameters:

  • Time: 35 % saved during mounting, 25 % during disassembly
  • Quality: We use only the highest quality materials, outperforming the competition
  • Longevity: Reduced strain on the webbing during lashing makes your lashes last longer
  • Money: The combination of a ergonomic, time saving and long-lasting product provides a fast ROI


Be Smart, Swipe your Cargo


WHY and HOW !

Ergolash ApS
is located in Odense, DK, a 100% Danish owned and operated company.

Due to the frequent use of lashing straps, the idea came to this unique way of solving the task. The starting point was that it should be more intuitive, easier and faster to use a lashing strap, while the product should be at least as durable as the existing one. The idea was good and solutions simple, but demanding for our R&D engineers.

By re-thinking 'business as usual' in the load securing industry we strive to improve your health and work environment.

The idea turned out to be easy to come up with, but difficult to develop. As the product took shape, it became clear that it would be an idea to patent the product, which was thus implemented in parallel with the development.
Today we have a forged and heat-treated shaft that is inserted in the ratchet, a shaft that has been tested in all possible ways and which is approved by TÜV.
The entire ratchet is strengthened in the material, and in general, an Ergolash® ratchet is a high quality product.
Ergolash® lives up to our own expectations, and we already see that the market receives the product extremely positively.